Five Period Dramas that Ended too Soon!

There is nothing worse than getting into a new period drama series and realizing half way through that they only made one season.  OR WORSE IT WAS JUST CANCELLED!  Unfortunately this happens all too often.
Here are my top 5 period drama series that, in my opinion, ended too soon!

5. Crimson Field

This series tells the story of three young volunteer nurses on the front lines of WWI.  Each has their own secret they are hiding and running away to the front lines of the war was the best way to escape.  This series only has 6 episodes, but every episode is filled with history, hope, mystery and of course a love story or two.

4. Astronaut Wives Club

I almost cried when I learned this one was cancelled.  This series tells the story of the wives of the original Mercury 7 astronauts.  Not only is the fashion so much fun, but the story of these women is truly compelling.  They were thrust onto the national stage when their husbands were selected to be test pilots for the Mercury space program.  They became “space royalty” and all eyes were on them.  This show explores their fascinating lives and how they dealt with living under a microscope and came together through grief when one of their own was lost.  It only ran for one season, 10 episodes, but it is truly well done and will make you want to run for google to learn more about the space program and the lives of these amazing families.

3. Home Fires

The pain of the cancellation of this series still hurts.  It ended on a massive cliff hanger after two seasons.  The good news here is that the characters will live on in a three novel series.  Since season 3 was already completely written the screen writer is adapting the show into a book series.  The first book is out now.
The show tells the story of a small town in England during WWII.  It is centered on the women of this small town’s “Women’s Institute”  and their efforts to keep the “home fires” burning while the men are away fighting.  While there is levity in the show it deals with very real issues like escaped prisoners, bombings, the loss of loved ones and so much more.  It is a MUST SEE for anyone who loves period dramas.

2. The Paradise

In my opinion, the downfall of this amazing show was its slow start.  It was going head to head with “Mr. Selfridge” at the time, so the slow start of this show and the quick pace of its rival’s opening hurt its popularity.   If you watched both shows though, they swapped in season 2.  The Paradise seemed to quicken in plot line progression and really pulled me in, whereas on the flip side, I started loosing interest in the repetitive drama of “Mr. Selfridge” part way through Season 2.
The story centers around an amazing department store in England called “The Paradise.”  The show primarily tells the story of the eccentric owner and a driven shop girl, intertwined with the goings on of all who worked at the store.  It is full of love triangles, hidden secrets and the results of greed.  Although I miss this series, it was wrapped up nicely in the end.

1. Berkley Square

This one is a bit older, but still one of my all time favorites!  It tells the story of three nannies working for wealthy families in the ritzy Berkley Square in the West End of London, England in the early 1900s.   The three young women get mixed up in the world of these families while trying to deal with there own pasts and desires.   I will warn you, it ends in a cliff hanger of sorts, and I found myself an ugly mess of tears at the very end of this series.  It ran for one season, and it is unclear if it was cancelled or if it was intended to be a mini-series, but either way it is worth watching all ten episodes.

I know what you are thinking how can “Downton Abbey” possibly not be on this list.  As big of a fan of this show as I am, I think creator, Julian Fellowes, was right in closing out this show when he did.  He left us with a beautiful happy ending, and he was right to “go while they will miss us.”  I would’ve hated for this wonderful show to become one that just gets old.  I am thrilled that they are creating a TV movie to satiate any last Downton craving I have, but all in all, I am thrilled with the course this show took.  I think it ended just on time.

There are also a few period dramas that went on too long, in my opinion, like “Indian Summers” (I struggled to love many of these self-centered and whinny characters) and “Lark Rise to Candleford” ( I mean how many men could Ms Lane reject, right?!).  Would you like to see my list of “Top Period Dramas Gone on TOO Long?”

Do you agree with my list?  Which period drama series do you miss? Or think went on too long?


Belle Movie Review


If you haven’t heard of this movie you are missing out!  Belle was FANTASTIC!  I know I am a bit behind on this film since i came out in 2013, but if you are a period drama fan this needs to go on your must watch list.

Belle tells the story of a mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Officer.  The young girl is raised by her aristocratic aunt and uncle in conjunction with her abandoned cousin.  The girls grow up in privilege and happiness, but Belle must follow a different set of rules than her cousin Elizabeth due to the color of her skin.  So when it is time to enter society, the two cousins, who are as close as sisters, struggle with societal norms one for her color and the other for her lack of dowry.

If dealing with the realities of growing up a mixed race girl isn’t enough, Belle is caught between her two heritages when a politically charged case involving a slave ship comes to court awaiting her uncle’s ruling.  This ruling could change the face of the slave trade and the economy itself in England.  Will Belle be able to help push the changing tide forward or will she choose to sit silently “in her place” among her powerful family?

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Go add it to your watch list on Netflix or Amazon Fire or download it from on-demand on your DVR.  GO NOW, I’ll wait….okay done?

Not only is this movie great and extremely well cast, but it is based on a true story.   Belle, her cousin Elizabeth, her uncle the chief justice, the case about the Zong slave ship, it is all real!  Naturally, there is added flair and romance for the film, but knowing this movie is based on true events adds to the inspiration of the story.

Here is a photo of a portrait of the real Belle and her cousin that they recreate in the film.

Lady Elizabeth Murray and Dido Belle, once attributed to Zoffany

Have you seen a do not miss movie lately? If so, put it in the comments below.