DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget

One of my best friends is pregnant! Yes very exciting news, but that means a baby shower. NO PRESSURE. Planning a baby shower can be a lot especially on a budget!  But when you pool together your resource, you can do a Pinterest inspired shower on the cheap.  It will take some extra elbow grease … Continue reading DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget


Vintage Window Up-Cycle

I teased on my Instagram a while back that I was working on an up-cycle project.  Well its finally complete! Story behind the window: Being from South Louisiana I have a natural love for vintage things, but this one holds a particular place in my heart.  It is an old window from my Grandfather's childhood … Continue reading Vintage Window Up-Cycle

Festive Easter Desserts

Easter is quickly approaching (TOMORROW to be exact) and you have been asked to bring dessert.  How can you make something impressive and festive that quick with no time to plan or pinterest...PANIC! Don't worry!  Here are two of my favorite EASY festive desserts: 1. Flower Cake This one is simple!  Bake and frost the … Continue reading Festive Easter Desserts