Make Gift Giving Easy


I am embarrassed to say that too many years in a row I have been rushing to a holiday party or family function and grabbed the wrong gift.  Yes I realize they are labeled, but who has time for that!

So I said to myself, you color code your inbox and your homework, why not your gifts.

By wrapping your different gifts according to the receivers (his side, your side, work, friends) it make grabbing the right gifts easier.

Now all my slightly OCD friends are thinking i cant have all that going on under my tree.  Relax…I am not suggesting some green, some blue and some orange.  Select different holiday designs that coordinate or utilize similar colors.

What tips do you have for making the Holidays easier? Share them below or with #vintageholidays. 

I want an Ugly Sweater

As a lover of Christmas and vintage things, the resurgence of the Ugly Christmas Sweater warms my heart, although I am sure they weren’t always called Ugly Christmas Sweaters and were at one time stylish (and not in an ironic sort of way).

An Ugly Christmas Sweater is on my wish list this year, but not a new one.  I want a true old school vintage sweater, and if it has a 3-D bell or pom-pom, even better!

What do you think of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend?  Do you have an Ugly Christmas Sweater?  If so, how do you style it? Share below or on your favorite social media site using #vintageholiday.

Tips for Decorating your Tree


Everyone has their own style of tree and with that their own style of decorating it.  My tree is by no means a designer tree, but I have picked up a few tips over the years to help it pack a little more punch:

  1. Let the Tree Rest– If you have a real tree, let is sit for a day or so before adding the lights and ornaments.  This will let the limbs fall into their final place so there aren’t any holes created later on.
  2. Create Depth– Make sure to place some ornaments towards the center of the tree and some on the ends of the limbs to create more depth to the eye.
  3. Use Coordinating Ornaments– Your ornaments don’t have to match, and in my opinion shouldn’t, but they should coordinate in coloring and style to be most visually appealing.
  4. Wrap Each Branch in Lights– It takes quite a bit of time, so take breaks, but wrapping each branch in lights instead of just draping them will allow the tree to shine like a pre-lite tree.  Trust me its worth it!

What tips do you have for decorating your tree?  Share them in the comments below or on your favorite social media site using #vintageholidays.