Wish List Wednesday: Delta Girl Frames


I have been drooling over Delta Girl Frames for a LOOOONG time (too long!).

The ladies at Delta Girl Frames do truly beautiful work!  They specialize in distressed, wood frames that feature unique trim and colorful designs.  The frames come in all sizes, multi-frame configurations as well as mirror or chalk board inserts.  They are available in custom designs and the team at Delta Girl Frames will even design a gallery wall for you (for a small fee).

Delta Girl Frames also produces pallet wood states and initial circles (I love a good initial), to complete any rustic gallery wall.


The look of these frames truly fits my style which is somewhere between rustic and pottery barn (more to come on that).  I love that the designs on the frames couple art with family memories. The distressed look gives it a kiss of the vintage feel!

Frames 2

The trouble is they are outside of my budget (a 4X6 photo frame starts at $90).  The quality is fantastic, from what I can tell, but I just can’t pull the trigger for that price.  I am thinking of trying my hand at a DIY version.  What do you think?

What do you think of Delta Girl Frames?  Do they suit your style? What is on your Wish List this week? Let me know if the comments below. 

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Photo Cred: All photos are from the Delta Girl Frames Instagram account (@deltagirlframes)

From the Archives: Electronically Organized Christmas


As a Christmas Fanatic, I strive to keep the Holiday Season fun and festive and stress free in my house. One way I do that is with the Santa Bag App from the Apple App Store.

This app is literally the best Christmas shopping list App I have ever used (trust me I have tried a few). It has a the ability to track your budgets, ideas, gift statuses, and if you want to get really into the details you can even track gifts by store or store photos of the gifts you gave.

Santa Bag App

The base version of the App is FREE, but there is also a for purchase version that can archive your gifts and offers a few other useful functions. I use the free version each year, but it is kind of annoying to re-input all the people each year, I might upgrade this year. (thoughts?)

Let me know if you give Santa Bag a try this year or if you have a favorite gift list app.

FTC: This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos and Logos are property of the Apple App Store.