Quick Tip: Present Drawer


Ding Dong! Its your neighbor from down the street that you never expected to get a christmas gift from. Don’t panic! You are prepared for this! You have a present drawer!

What is a present drawer you ask? It is a drawer in my craft closet where I keep “extra” presents so I never get caught without a gift for that unexpected neighbor, co-worker, or friend during the holiday season.

It is filled with a variety of things I found on sale or at a good deal and even some items I was given that I won’t use and someone else might love. Some good things to have on hand are:

Shea Socks
itunes Gift Cards
Room Spray
Restaurant Gift Cards
Lowes Gift Card
Christmas Ornaments
A cook book
Fun baking items or Christmas cooking utensils
Small kitchen gadget
If you have kids it is also helpful to throw in some “kid friendly” items for that last minute birthday invite. You can also tuck in some greeting cards for different occasions for easy access.

During the holidays it is smart to have a few of these standby gifts pre-wrapped under your tree, just in case or keep bags and tissue paper close to you present drawer for quick wrapping!

This drawer is endlessly handy for me! I have pulled things out for housewarming parties, last minutes birthday parties, anniversaries I forgot, cheer up gifts, and so much more. Keeps me looking like a thoughtful rockstar!

Do you have a present drawer? If so, what do you keep in stock? If not…go make one!


Quick Tip: Present Carrier

Present Carrier

It’s no secret that i love Thirty One products, but when it comes to the holiday season, my medium tote is my favorite!

A few years ago, I got the medium tote in a snowman print (of course with our family name on it), as a free gift with purchase on a larger Thirty One order. I wasn’t expecting to use it very much, but boy was I wrong!

Throughout the year, whenever I buy a present earmarked for Christmas, I toss the gift in this tote that has taken up permeant residence at the top of my craft closet. It is a great way to keep all my pre-purchased Christmas gifts in one place till its time to wrap.

Then on the day at after Thanksgiving, I pull the tote down, throw on one of my favorite Christmas movies and wrap all the presents inside. It is the traditional kick off to the holiday season for me.

But its usefulness doesn’t stop there! I use it throughout the holidays to tote food and presents from party to party and from house to house (come on we have all been there) throughout the holiday season, in themed glory!

Once the holiday season comes to a close it resumes its place at the top of my craft closet and the process begins again.

Do you have a present carrier? If so, what type of bag do you use? How do you usually kick off the holidays?

FTC: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. The thirty one link is linked to a friend of mine, as she is a seller, but you certainly can just click off of her site to the home page to use a different consultant or no consultant at all. 

From the Archives: Electronically Organized Christmas


As a Christmas Fanatic, I strive to keep the Holiday Season fun and festive and stress free in my house. One way I do that is with the Santa Bag App from the Apple App Store.

This app is literally the best Christmas shopping list App I have ever used (trust me I have tried a few). It has a the ability to track your budgets, ideas, gift statuses, and if you want to get really into the details you can even track gifts by store or store photos of the gifts you gave.

Santa Bag App

The base version of the App is FREE, but there is also a for purchase version that can archive your gifts and offers a few other useful functions. I use the free version each year, but it is kind of annoying to re-input all the people each year, I might upgrade this year. (thoughts?)

Let me know if you give Santa Bag a try this year or if you have a favorite gift list app.

FTC: This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos and Logos are property of the Apple App Store.