Wish List Wednesday: Delta Girl Frames


I have been drooling over Delta Girl Frames for a LOOOONG time (too long!).

The ladies at Delta Girl Frames do truly beautiful work!  They specialize in distressed, wood frames that feature unique trim and colorful designs.  The frames come in all sizes, multi-frame configurations as well as mirror or chalk board inserts.  They are available in custom designs and the team at Delta Girl Frames will even design a gallery wall for you (for a small fee).

Delta Girl Frames also produces pallet wood states and initial circles (I love a good initial), to complete any rustic gallery wall.


The look of these frames truly fits my style which is somewhere between rustic and pottery barn (more to come on that).  I love that the designs on the frames couple art with family memories. The distressed look gives it a kiss of the vintage feel!

Frames 2

The trouble is they are outside of my budget (a 4X6 photo frame starts at $90).  The quality is fantastic, from what I can tell, but I just can’t pull the trigger for that price.  I am thinking of trying my hand at a DIY version.  What do you think?

What do you think of Delta Girl Frames?  Do they suit your style? What is on your Wish List this week? Let me know if the comments below. 

FTC: This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own. 
Photo Cred: All photos are from the Delta Girl Frames Instagram account (@deltagirlframes)

A New Beginning: My Thoughts on Moving


So it’s happening…the big move! I am still a little surprised it is happening. I mean we put the house on the market better than half a year ago. I was under the impression we would never sell it, never move, and the sign on our front lawn was just décor…and to be honest, part of me was fine with that. I mean this is our first home together. We built it to our specifications and have been creating memories ever since, it is hard to think about leaving it.

But in one rapidly fast weekend, that is exactly what is happening. My starter home is now a mind field of packed boxes full of too many dishes & pillows and a whole lot of memories.   (It is truly AMAZING how much stuff two people can accumulate in just 3 short years.)

Don’t get me wrong I am super excited about moving into our new home…our Forever Home. Where we will create new memories and experience the milestones of life, but the idea of starting over again is daunting.

Moving itself is a large task, I mean anyone who has ever done it will tell you that packing your whole life into boxes, moving, and unpacking again isn’t easy, whether you have movers or not. In our case, the logistics of the move have been complicated by a three-day gap in the closing dates, meaning a storage facility for our stuff and couch crashing for us.

But, then there is the settling into the new place. In our starter home, there is paint on the walls, décor items, family photos, and a warmth only a lived in home radiates, but when you move into any new place you are moving into a blank canvas once again.   Your furniture won’t fit just right in the new rooms and the walls and shelves will stay a little bare while you are settling in, but in time, just like a pair of shoes, you will break them in and that lived in warmth will return and you wont be able to imagine how you lived anywhere else.

I started this blog as a way to share my love of vintage things, but most of all to share the transformation of my house into a home. Well a little sooner than I expected, I find myself at that starting point once again, and I want to invite y’all along with me on the journey of adding some “warmth” to my Forever Home.

Have you move recently? Any tips you can share with me?

Quick Tip: Displaying Vintage Ornaments


A few month’s back during my up-cycled window project, I told you about the treasures we found in my Grandfather’s 1900s childhood home.  Today’s quick tip is about another one of those treasures, a box of vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments.

This was a great find, and my cousin’s and I divided up the spoils and each took home 8-10 vintage ornaments of all shapes and colors.  These ornaments mean a lot to me and for the first few year’s I had them they just sat in a box for fear I would break them, but no they are displayed with safe pride.

Each year I utilize a large vase I found at target to safe guard these vintage treasures (no falling from a tree branch for these guys).  I mix them with some neutral colored newer bulbs to fill out the vase…and OH HEY is that Charlie the Elf hanging out there for some festive flair!

Do you have any vintage ornaments?  If so, how do you display them?  If not, do you have any special ornaments you showcase?