Football Widow


My husband is a HUGE sports fan in general, but when it comes to football…its pure LOVE. He knows player names, positions, stats, even personal details from around the league, but none more so than his beloved Patriots.

He certainly watches the Combine and the Draft, but when Pre-season begins, he breaks out his extensive Patriots wardrobe and I become a widow on Saturdays (college of course), Sundays, Mondays and sometimes Thursdays.

Football season leaves me with a lot of time to myself as he screams at the televisions in he football command center he sets up in our living room each weekend which consists of two televisions, a huge computer monitor, a laptop and an IPAD to monitor all the games and of course his Fantasy Teams.

Over the years, I have learned to really appreciate the sport of football and even have a Fantasy Team of my own, but I look forward each year to the Superbowl because I know the next day I will get my husband back. His love of football will reduce back to the occasional sports talk show until Pre-Season begins next year.

Can you relate? 

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Back to School


What have I gotten myself into…on top of moving and getting a new job, I have decided to go back to school for my MBA.

CRAZY RIGHT!?!?! I mean when you walked across the stage and collected your college degree, homework and tests were supposed to be a thing of the past…right?  Nope not in today’s reality!

In the field I work in (Marketing), Master’s Degrees are quickly becoming a requirement in order to get promoted or even get hired.  So, in order to stay competitive I took the plunge back into the life of a college student, getting my MBA.

It is amazing how quickly you forget how to take notes or do your homework efficiently while maximizing your grade (I swear I used to have a system for that).  I also apparently put up a mental block to the amount of reading that is required (okay so maybe I just didn’t do it in undergrad and that’s why I don’t remember)!   While there are certainly some growing pains getting used to the course work again, it is incorporating it into my everyday life that is proving to be the real challenge.

I mean I am settled into my “adult” life and have a routine, where am I supposed to fit all this in at?  Its like trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

Have any of you gone back to school and juggled a full-time job? Any advice you can offer?