Festive Easter Desserts

Easter is quickly approaching (TOMORROW to be exact) and you have been asked to bring dessert.  How can you make something impressive and festive that quick with no time to plan or pinterest…PANIC!

Don’t worry!  Here are two of my favorite EASY festive desserts:

1. Flower Cake


This one is simple!  Bake and frost the cake of your choice.  Make some colored sugar in the colors of your choice (Put sugar and liquid food coloring in a bag, shake and then let dry on a cookie sheet).  Cut jumbo marshmallows in half diagonally with a scissors and dip the sticky end in sugar.  Place on cake in circles around the center to make a flower shape.

Add crushed nuts around the bottom for some extra pizzaz.

2. Egg Hunt Brownies


If the above was simple, these are even easier! Bake your favorite brownies in a cupcake pan. Frost with green frosting and add your favorite egg-shaped candies to the top.  DONE!

I also did a little Pinteresting for you, here are some of my favorites:


If you are still in a panic, there is always the standby carrot cake or chocolate chips cookies with pastel M&Ms.

What is your favorite Easter dessert?