Defining a Style for your HOME

There are a lot of definitions for home decor styles now a days: modern, traditional, french country, contemporary, shabby chic, eclectic …

But when defining a style for my home, it was hard for me to try and assimilate to just one of these styles, so I didn’t!

If you asked me for a definition of my style, I would say my home is Pottery Barn meets beach cottage with a vintage flair! I know its a lot, but it is who I am.

I love the clean lines and style of pottery barn, the soft tones and nautical touches of beach side cottages, and the character and individual-ness of vintage items or antiques (yes there is a difference), so i decided to meld them all together.

Am I a professional decorator…No! Does my home look like a magazine…No! Is my decorating journey complete…Barely started with the move! But my goal when decorating my home is to create a beautiful, cozy space that feels warm and inviting. I don’t want my home to feel like a museum, but I also don’t want it to feel messy and over-lived in. Instead I want to find that happy medium where my family and friends and gather and feel comfortable, but I can show off my home-making prowess (still to be determined if I actually have any. 🙂 ).

I certainly want the items in my home to coordinate, but matching is not a necessity. I prefer the items in my home to have sentimentality and meaning (I love a good story!), and the room colors to flow throughout the house with a sense of continuity.

Maybe this all seems a bit lofty, after all I don’t have kids yet (which I know is a whole different ball game when planning home decor), but for now it suits me and my family.

Here is a “mood board” of how I define my style (and a sneak peek at some of the Pinterest projects I want to complete):Style

How do you define your style?

Photo Cred: All photos were sourced from Pinterest and can be found on my For the Home Pinterest board for original sources. 

REVIEW: Command Strips by 3M


I decided to use Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M to install most of my Gallery Wall Project, the few exceptions are the stone pieces and the shelving.  I wanted something easy to change out so that I can swap out the photos whenever the whim strikes me.  Also, confession time, I wanted something easy to hang, because all of my frames had different hanging mechanisms and getting them level was becoming a nightmare (I figured this out 6 holes in my wall later).

Overall Rating: Winner!

I am truly happy with the results if this product, they do exactly what they claim to do and were super easy to install.

Instructions: I followed the instructions to the letter, and I recommend you do too.  They were very clear and easy to follow.

Installation: A breeze!  Holding the level on the photos and pressing on the tabs is defiantly a two man job, but installation was as simple as sticking a piece of tape to the wall.

Tips: Don’t skip sets, especially cleaning the wall and frames with alcohol (Your wall paint may change colors for a minute when you wipe it down with the alcohol, but mine bounced back once it dried).  Speaking of drying, make sure to let the wall and the frames dry completely before putting on the strips.

When placing the strips on the frame, cheat the strips closer to the inside of the frame versus the outer edge, this will help make sure you can’t see the strip once it is on the wall.

The instructions also require that you remove the photos from the wall once installed for about an hour, but I recommend waiting over night just to make sure everything has cured properly.

Last tip, Use four strips per frame as I read reviews online that stated if you use only two the frame’s weight can eventually cause it to slide down the strip and fall off the wall.

Pricing: $$  One package does about 3 frames when you go with the four strip method and it runs about $6.00 per package.  Doing the whole wall got up there in price when a pack of nails that costs less than one package of hanging strips could do the same job, but for my purposes and the convenience, I rate it as totally worth it.

Continued Use:  It has been a few weeks since the first photos went up on the wall, so I will keep you posted on how these hold up, but so far they are all still firmly on the wall.

Have you ever used Command Strips from 3M?  If so, what did you think?  What did you hang up?  Share your project below or with #vintageDIY.  

FTC: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

Gallery Wall

I have lived in my home for almost 3 years now, and there is almost NOTHING on the walls.  Why you ask?  Because I am indecisive!

Well this past Friday I was home sick from work and VERY BORED, so I made a decision!  To create a gallery wall in my home.

First, I walked around my house and collected frames, photos and knick knacks I liked, most of which were just never unpacked when we moved (don’t judge).  Believe it or not, I didn’t have to buy anything to create this gallery wall.  (You absolutely can, but it is doable with things you find around your house.)

Next, decide on the basic shape you want to create.  I decided on a square.  Then, lay all the items on the ground and arrange and rearrange till you think you have got it just about right.


Now, this step is totally optional, but since I am SUPER indecisive I decided not to skip it.  Trace all your items on paper, cut them out, and tape them up on the wall (with blue painters tape) so that you can see what it will look like on the wall in the space you have chosen.  (As you can see below, I swapped two items once I saw them on the wall, and I also ended up raising the whole gallery wall 3 inches.)

You can use this step to make sure your spacing is correct and everything is level.  You can also mark the paper with where the nail holes will need to be for easy hanging.  (I am using 3M Command Strips instead of nails, review coming soon.)

IMG_3613Next, paint any frames that need to be painted (I painted all of mind white for a more uniformed look), clean your frames, or put in any last minute photos.  Last but not least, hang your photos and knick knacks, step back and admire all your hard work.


I love my completed gallery wall!  It houses some of my favorite photos, and vintage knick knacks (is that a piece of milk glass up there? More to come on that!).   And of course it would be complete without the signature M.  As you can see I still have some photos to fill in, but I have big plans for those, so stay tuned for future posts.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house?  What shape did you pick?  Do you have any tips for making the process easier? Share your tips, tricks and finished projects below or with #vintageDIY.