DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget

One of my best friends is pregnant! Yes very exciting news, but that means a baby shower. NO PRESSURE. Planning a baby shower can be a lot especially on a budget!  But when you pool together your resource, you can do a Pinterest inspired shower on the cheap.  It will take some extra elbow grease … Continue reading DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget



Celebrating Thanksgiving is a special time of the year.  It is a time where we can express how grateful we are for the blessings we have in our life and eat AMAZING food till we are ready to pop (plus the second round of turkey sandwiches, anyone?). Most people spend Thanksgiving with their families, but we … Continue reading Friendsgiving

Quick Tip: Displaying Vintage Ornaments

A few month's back during my up-cycled window project, I told you about the treasures we found in my Grandfather's 1900s childhood home.  Today's quick tip is about another one of those treasures, a box of vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments. This was a great find, and my cousin's and I divided up the spoils and … Continue reading Quick Tip: Displaying Vintage Ornaments