Five Period Dramas that Ended too Soon!

There is nothing worse than getting into a new period drama series and realizing half way through that they only made one season.  OR WORSE IT WAS JUST CANCELLED!  Unfortunately this happens all too often. Here are my top 5 period drama series that, in my opinion, ended too soon! 5. Crimson Field This series tells the … Continue reading Five Period Dramas that Ended too Soon!


Belle Movie Review

If you haven't heard of this movie you are missing out!  Belle was FANTASTIC!  I know I am a bit behind on this film since i came out in 2013, but if you are a period drama fan this needs to go on your must watch list. Belle tells the story of a mixed race … Continue reading Belle Movie Review

DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget

One of my best friends is pregnant! Yes very exciting news, but that means a baby shower. NO PRESSURE. Planning a baby shower can be a lot especially on a budget!  But when you pool together your resource, you can do a Pinterest inspired shower on the cheap.  It will take some extra elbow grease … Continue reading DIY Baby Shower Decor On a Budget