Defining a Style for your HOME

There are a lot of definitions for home decor styles now a days: modern, traditional, french country, contemporary, shabby chic, eclectic …

But when defining a style for my home, it was hard for me to try and assimilate to just one of these styles, so I didn’t!

If you asked me for a definition of my style, I would say my home is Pottery Barn meets beach cottage with a vintage flair! I know its a lot, but it is who I am.

I love the clean lines and style of pottery barn, the soft tones and nautical touches of beach side cottages, and the character and individual-ness of vintage items or antiques (yes there is a difference), so i decided to meld them all together.

Am I a professional decorator…No! Does my home look like a magazine…No! Is my decorating journey complete…Barely started with the move! But my goal when decorating my home is to create a beautiful, cozy space that feels warm and inviting. I don’t want my home to feel like a museum, but I also don’t want it to feel messy and over-lived in. Instead I want to find that happy medium where my family and friends and gather and feel comfortable, but I can show off my home-making prowess (still to be determined if I actually have any. 🙂 ).

I certainly want the items in my home to coordinate, but matching is not a necessity. I prefer the items in my home to have sentimentality and meaning (I love a good story!), and the room colors to flow throughout the house with a sense of continuity.

Maybe this all seems a bit lofty, after all I don’t have kids yet (which I know is a whole different ball game when planning home decor), but for now it suits me and my family.

Here is a “mood board” of how I define my style (and a sneak peek at some of the Pinterest projects I want to complete):Style

How do you define your style?

Photo Cred: All photos were sourced from Pinterest and can be found on my For the Home Pinterest board for original sources. 


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