I Start Shopping for Christmas on December 26th!


Why you ask? Well there are three main reasons:

1) Easier on My Finances– By beginning to shop early, I can spread the cost of the season out throughout the whole year.  It also gives me a chance to hunt for deals or buy cheaper for off-season products.

2) Enjoy the Season, without the Stress– If I am done Christmas Shopping before the season begins, I can spend time baking, watching holiday movies, wrapping presents, and just generally enjoying the season without the stress of the crowded malls or late packages.

3) Healthy Competition– My sister also starts shopping early, so each year we have a healthy competition to see who can be done shopping first.  She generally wins!

Christmas Shopping early doesn’t mean it is a mad race to the finish line or just cheap presents.  As I am out and about throughout the year, and I see something that someone on my list might enjoy I pick it up.  If it is on sale or a great deal…BONUS, but it is more important to me to be thoughtful about my gifts.

Once bought they get stored in my present carrier, which lives in my craft closet, till it is time to wrap them.

When do you start shopping for the holidays?  Do you have any tips or tricks?


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