As a Christmas Fanatic, I strive to keep the Holiday Season fun and festive and stress free in my house. One way I do that is with the Santa Bag App from the Apple App Store.

This app is literally the best Christmas shopping list App I have ever used (trust me I have tried a few). It has a the ability to track your budgets, ideas, gift statuses, and if you want to get really into the details you can even track gifts by store or store photos of the gifts you gave.

Santa Bag App

The base version of the App is FREE, but there is also a for purchase version that can archive your gifts and offers a few other useful functions. I use the free version each year, but it is kind of annoying to re-input all the people each year, I might upgrade this year. (thoughts?)

Let me know if you give Santa Bag a try this year or if you have a favorite gift list app.

FTC: This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos and Logos are property of the Apple App Store.


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