The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter


I am a fan of Madeline Hunter’s books for a quick easy read, my favorite is By Arrangement.  She has a great ability to create romantic tension between her hero and heroine and usually includes a unique twist or plot line addition that always makes me smile.

The Accidental Duchess was no exception.  I recommend this book if you are looking for a quick read, it would be great for pool side or beach reading this summer!

SPOILER ALERTS…if you intend to read this novel, stop reading here. 

This novel tells the story of a headstrong Lady of the ton, Lydia, in 18th century England.  Lydia has recently discovered a love for gambling and a talent for winning.  To her brother the Earl, her gambling is a nuisance and risk to their family’s reputation, to Lydia her gambling allows her a semblance of happiness in her secret grief and a way to give back to those less fortunate.

Lydia’s luck has run out when she is blackmailed by a ladder climber who a series of unfortunate events lures her into a compromising situation that only one man can save her from, the Duke of Penthurst, the one man she would never want to be saved by.  The compromise forced a marriage between the two, only fueling the blackmailer further now that Lydia can provide more that he originally bargained for.

The mystery of Lydia’s grief and her hatred for her new husband uncover revelations she is not prepared to face disillusioning the young girl she was and allowing the woman she has become to push forward with her life.  Penthurst is vindicated through this disillusionment and their marriage stands a chance to create happiness for them both, despite its rocky beginning.

Have you read any of Madeline Hunter’s books?  If so which was your favorite?  If not, what is your favorite easy beach read for the summer?


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