Book Haul

If you haven’t guessed, I am quite a reader and LOVE historical fiction novels. I gathered up a few books over the weekend and wanted to share what I am going to be reading over the next few months:


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
This book is part of a series about time travel and the Scottish Highlands. It is also currently running on a STARZ as a mini-series.


An Heiress at Heart by Jennifer Delamere
This is a quick and easy romance read by a new author. The story is about a girl who takes her best friends place in society and has to keep up the front even if it means she can’t be with the man she wants.


The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla by Lauren Willig
Its not a secret Lauren is my favorite author. I was missing this book in my collection and wanted to pick it up since the copy I read came from the Library. I will definitely be re-reading this one! If you want to check out my thoughts on this series, click here.


The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki
I don’t know much about this author, but I did judge this book by the cover. It is about Benedict Arnold’s wife, the woman behind the biggest betrayal in American History.


The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig
I’m excited to try a new storyline from Lauren. This novel is about a girl who will discover secrets of her family, decades old.


The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter
This is another easy romance read, and I have read a book by this author before. She has really master romantic tension! This novel is about a young girl forced to make a bet with her virtue that she will most likely lose, forcing her into a loveless marriage to save herself.

Have you read any of these books? What are you reading now? Have you bought any books recently?


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