Quick Tip: Pinterest for Magazine Clippings

I love Pinterest! I am probably an addict when it comes to Pinterest, but I also love a good magazine.  I love pulling pages out and cutting out ideas and picture that inspire me from outfits to decor to DIY projects, gift ideas and workout routines.

The recipes I pull out are easy to store as they already have a designated home in my recipe binders.  But, what do I do with the other clippings?  I don’t really have the space for a big inspiration board, so I developed an inspiration notebook.  I have been cutting and pasting clippings into it and writing in other ideas for years.  You can choose any size or style that suits you.  I just picked up a cheap one from target that is on the smaller size, so I can take it shopping with me.

I find my notebooks are easier to store than an inspiration board, and I can make as many as I like for years to come or even on designated topics if needed.

For magazine clippings that are too big for the notebook, I simply fold them in half and paste part of it down, so I can open it up to view later, kind of like a pop-up book.


How do you store your magazine inspirational finds?


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