Creating More Space…The Back Patio

My husband and I love to entertain and have friends and family over, so when his parents asked us if we wanted their outdoor patio table we jump at the chance!  What we didn’t consider was their patio set seats eight people, and our current high-boy, seats 4 table barely fits on our back patio with the girl.

Uh oh!  We would have to make more space, but since I am no expert in pouring and stamping concrete, we decided to go the pavers route.  It was very easy, and we copied the pattern and coloring from the front yard to make it cohesive.

We used the paver laying system at LOWEs with the styrofoam paver bases, plastic edge pieces, and concrete sand filler.IMG_1352

It took us like 3 hours, most of that time was moving the pavers in and out of the truck.  I think it would have gone much faster had we not decided to do this at 8pm at night in the dark.  I don’t recommend that, especially when using the wet saw to cut the corner pieces.


It is now the perfect amount of space for our guests and makes out outdoor space much more usable.

What outdoor projects help make your space more usable?


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